How could interim management benefit your business in 2012?

Interim managers are an established management resource for CEO’s, HR directors and managers to use for additional experenced management resources. But when should HR use an interim and for what projects?

Bringing in an interim manager, as part of your management team may be an option.  Before you make this decision though, make sure that you have considered the following:

  • There is a specific project or a management role/vacancy to fill that has: a start date, measurable deliverables and an estimated completion date.
  • There are no suitable internal management resources available or the skill set does not exist in house.
  • Time is of the essence and you need someone now or in the near future.
  • There may be uncertainty in the future for this role which means that taking on a permanent person is not appropriate.
  • There is an employment ‘freeze’ but you need additional management resources for a given time.
  • You may need to cover absence, maternity, a long notice of period, etc.

All these are indicators that an interim manager might be the right solution.

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1 thought on “How could interim management benefit your business in 2012?

  1. Good post Phil.I would add 3 items to your PM :1 – great passion to make customer successful 2 – strong ability to interface and support the field 3 ability to say NO and stick with it Vittorio

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