Why engage an Interim Manager?

There are many advantages to deploying an interim manager.  So, what are the  significant advantages of using interim managers? In my experience they are:

  • Very experienced managers who ‘hit the ground running’ and are engaged to deliver on their projects and roles.
  • Entirely focussed on achieving the project objectives and are not distracted by organisational politics.
  • Employees of their own limited companies and are therefore not employees of their clients. This means there is no expensive employment contract to enter into or unwind.
  • Paid a daily fee with no on-cost and are only paid for the days they work. Holidays, sickness, etc. are not charged. This makes it easy to forecast their costs.
  • They are normally engaged on a full-time basis but this can also be part time. Average contractual engagements are around 6-9 months.
  • They are only engaged for as long as required giving complete flexibility.
  • There is always a ‘pool’ of available interim managers and this means they can be in post, if required, within days.
  • They are often engaged to bring about change that is difficult or impossible for incumbent management to deal with.
  • They have a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) for their engagements.

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1 thought on “Why engage an Interim Manager?

  1. Nick,Thank you,An ROI of 14 on any project would be a worthwhile investment for any business. As a minimum I always try to identify savings at least equivalent to my own assignment cost. If every Interim aimed for this as a default deliverable, it could change the perception of our service offering.Adam

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