When in doubt wear a tie!


Interim manager tie

When in doubt wear a tie!


One of the difficulties these days for men when attending an interview for an interim assignment interview is whether to wear a tie or not.

In many industries and sectors these days, new media is a good example, where nobody wears a tie. So not a problem for those sectors.

But there are many sectors where it is not easy to judge. I heard of a case today where one of our members attended a first stage interview and went without wearing a tie. In this particular organisation it was expected that interviewees would wear one.

He is not going forward to the next stage.

This wasn’t the only reason that he didn’t go forward but it was remarked upon by the “hirer”.

If he had asked me before the interview I could told him that when it doubt wear a tie.  You can always take it off! All other things being equal it could mean the difference between an assignment or not.

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  1. Mike, you are right. Smart business dress is always appropriate at interview. Not only does it show your own standards, it shows you respect yourself and – more importantly perhaps – you have respect for your interviewers. Some years ago I undertook an Interim assignment in a “laid back” company of IT chip designers who did a lot of work for the government. Even the CEO wore slacks and open neck shirt, no tie, and if the weather was cold a sweater. All his staff wore jeans, slacks etc and not a tie in sight (until the chairman and Venture Capital-appointed NED’s turned up for board meetings). However, I wore suit and tie for the interview, took the tie off at work in the office, and donned the tie again to meet with clients – especially the government ones! It all worked very well, I fitted in as the circumstances required.

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