When to use an interim manager

When to use an interim manager? 

Interim managers are a well “tried and tested” management resource for Chief Executives, HR Directors/Managers to use.

But when to use an interim manager and for what projects?

Mike Measures FCA founded Interimconnect the largest network of professional interim managers in the UK with 1800 members covering all sectors and disciplines. With eighteen years experience both as an interim manager and managing Interimconnect he knows both side of the fence and offers this guidance.

Bringing in an interim manager, as part of your management team, is an excellent option when you have considered some key points.  

These are listed in detail on the Interimconnect website here. They will help you decide when to use an interim.

Mike Measures

Mike Measures Interimconnect

1 thought on “When to use an interim manager

  1. I agree. Using an interim manager is a lot less risky than employing someone, plus you generally get a lot of more relevant experience from an interim.

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