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The Research Institute in Surrey, part of the UK’s Science Research Council, is world renowned for leading virus research and protecting the UK from dangerous pathogens.

Amongst their many successes was the elimination of the deadly cattle disease, ‘Rinderpest’, from farms across the globe. Surveillance continues on...

Nav Ali

Client Organisation

With continued growth of my clients retailing and distribution operations across Central & Eastern Europe, it became essential to partner with a logistics provider that could deliver consistent freight management practices for all shipments of their directly sourced product, from around the world.
It was paramount that the...

 Wayne Barker

Client Organisation

A growing technology business selling hardware/software solutions to manage water pressure in water distribution networks. They have a global client base and an organisation presence in the UK, Malaysia, Australia, Madrid and Columbia.

Around £6m in sales and a team of 50 people.



This software company was set up to market, develop and support websites for staff benefit communication and simple self service HR functions, within the SME sector. Their product supported both fixed and flexible benefit administration schemes, total reward statements and also holiday booking administration functions. It was marketed in three ways: direct to employers, via an IFA reseller channel, and also to licensees, who were typically HR benefit consultancies. Licensees developed websites directly for their own clients using the same underlying proprietary...


The company had implemented a front-end insurance software system in order to meet their affinity business requirements. This, in effect re-badged products offered by other Blue Chip companies. The intention being, via a call centre, to take client calls, provide a quote, produce documentation and process monetary receipts. The end documentation to be delivered, along with Marketing statistics to the Affinity partners.


As an interim manager I was called in because the initial implementation had not produced the required business...


This long established Department Store chain had been subject to an MBI and taken private from being a PLC. The new owners recognised that the Logistics infrastructure was outdated and excessively costly. They also had significant concerns about the ability of the logistics operation to respond to the new initiatives they planned for the business.

The deliverable

The brief was to review the entire logistics operation to achieve significant reductions in both infrastructure and operating costs, to improve fulfilment to the retail outlets and to...


• Help my client to set a new IT strategy

• Position the IT Dept as a driver of strategic business transformation


  • Top-flight specialist NHS hospital trust, deciding to invest its way out of continuing budget cuts
  • New strategy: to transform the business processes, both clinically and administratively, using IT as enabler
  • I was brought in as interim IT Director to help them design & implement new IT strategy
  • IT Dept wasn't regarded as being capable of offering an IT-enabled...

Situation & Challenges

Client: This organisation is a joint venture partnership between a private global services organisation and two local government councils. It provides a one-stop-shop for information & services to the public, as well as internal resources for Finance, HR and IT to the two councils.

Issue: During the course of the 2005/06 external audit, a number of process issues and control weaknesses were identified by the Audit Commission in respect of fixed assets:

  • poor transactional data integrity
  • no...