Interimconnect was founded in 2002 by Mike Measures FCA.

During the late '90's Mike was asked to help develop an interim manager's network for the Institute of Chartered Accountants. "What I learnt from this was that you can only go so far, by just networking within one discipline" Mike says.

Hence the idea of Interimconnect a multi-disciplined network for career interim managers was born in 2002!

This has developed into the largest network of professional interim managers in the UK with 1500 + members covering all disciplines and sectors.

Mike retired in late 2018 and Intetimconnect was sold to boutique turnaround and consulting firm BM&T ( The three owners of BM&T are David Bryan, Matthew Quade and Alan Tilley who are all involved in the management of Interimconnect. The network continues to operate as previously for both interim managers and clients.