Adding value as an Interim Manager

An interim manager quickly ADDS VALUE by:

  1. Solving problems and contributing to your business from day one
  2. Focusing just on the business needs and adding value as an interim is not concerned with career issues
  3. Providing skills and experience that have been refined and proven in practice
  4. Looking at problems objectively, not affected by inter-personal and other organisational issues
  5. Being sensitive to the need to involve all relevant stakeholders and to communicate with them  

Interim Management therefore provides a flexible, senior resource to make changes and solve problems rapidly.   The organisation can move forward faster than competitors and develop in a way that is optimised to the true business needs.   Progress is not limited by the skills of the permanent team members, yet the Interim Manager is only retained as long as he or she is needed.

For organisations looking to engage an experienced interim manager the network provides the fastest search, selection and engagement from 1600 +  members.

Being a network we do not add an agency mark up to the interim's daily fee meaning that those savings can passed directly onto the hirer. Instead network members pay for the administration of the Interimconnect service.

For more information or for a confidential discussion on your business needs contact David Bryan on 44 (0)20 3858 7267 or use the website contact form.

If you are an experienced interim and are interested in joining the network please follow this link.

Interimconnect member - Turnaround Manager

                             Interim General Manager