Difference Interim Management and Consultancy

What is the difference between an Interim Manager and a Management consultant?

 A Management Consultant is normally engaged because they:

  • Provide valuable advice and analysis from an in-depth understanding of their specialised subject.
  • Aware of the very latest innovations and techniques
  • Normally using a standardised approach
  • However they do NOT normally provide an implemented solution, leaving that to the company.

 An Interim Manager on the other hand is engaged to:

  • Part of the management team either as head of function or leading a specified project
  • To take responsibility, recommend and implement appropriate solutions based on practical experience
  • Importantly a proven resource to personally deliver  tried and tested solutions
  • Provides coaching and mentoring of existing staff
  • Time is normally of the essence and Interim Managers can be In place within days due to  existing "pool" of available interims.

Where there is a "grey area"  where it is debatable whether a Management Consultant or an Interim Manager might be more suited for a project,  cost may be the deciding factor.

Interim Managers on average are two to three times less expensive than Management Consultants.

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