When to engage an interim manager

When should interims be engaged and for what projects?

  • There is a specific project or a management role/vacancy to fill that has a start date; measurable deliverables and an estimated completion date.
  • There are no suitable internal management resources available or the skill set does not exist in house. 
  • Time is of the essence and you need someone now . 
  • There may be uncertainty in the future for this role which means that taking on a permanent person is not appropriate.
  • When there is an employment “freeze” but you need additional management resources for a given time.
  • You need to cover absence, maternity, a long notice of period etc.

Significant advantages of using interim managers are:

  • They are very experienced managers who “hit the ground running” and are engaged to deliver on their projects and roles.
  • They are employees of their own limited companies and are therefore not employees of their clients. This means there is no expensive employment contract to enter into or unwind. 
  • They are paid a daily fee with no on-cost and are only paid for the days they work. Holidays, sickness are not charged. 
  • Normally engaged on a full time basis but this can also be part-time. Average contractual engagements are around 6 – 9 months.
  • They are only engaged for as long as required giving complete flexibility.

There is always a “pool” of available interim managers and this means they can be in post, if required, within days. 
They are often engaged to bring about change that is difficult or impossible for incumbent management to deal with.
They have a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) for their engagements.

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When to engage an interim manager


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