Interim Turnaround Manager

Interim Turnaround Manager

Business turnaround requires a focussed and very experienced set of skills to be quickly deployed.

Many interim turnaround managers follow a well proven methodology. In case of companies in financial difficulty or distress the initial focus will invariabliy be on cash and liquidity

Existing management can normally meet the challenges of "business as usual" but as the going gets tough so the need for someone who has been there before in these difficult situation increases.

Many companies recognise the need for this experience much too late and become embroiled in day to day survival which takes a huge toll on the business. This is stage is commonly called "Management in denial".

How they operate

Interim Turnaround Managers can provide the experience and guidance needed either on a full time or part time basis normally in an Executive capacity.  

Our interim managers operate through their own limited companies and are therefore not employees of your organisation.  The network covers all disciplines and sectors.

You can use the free search facility to gain an indication of skills and experience. 

Using Turnaround as a key word in the search shows around 800 + members with Turnaround experience.

Our member's interim Turnround experience ranges from MD's to FD's in fact all management disciplines.

Interimconnect through it's 1600 + membership provides a rapid, free, search and selection process to engage a Turnaround manager.

To find out more on how we can help or to talk through an interim management assignment call David Bryan, Director, confidentially on 44 (0)20 3858 7267 or please use the website contact form.

If you are an experienced interim and are interested in joining the network please follow this link.


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