Interim Manager Retail, FMCG

interim Manager Retail FMCG

Interim management is an effective management resource for bringing about real and lasting improvements in the FMCG and Retail sectors.

Our members have undertaken complex interim assignments in FMCG companies across the UK including: Samsonite, Ede & Ravenscroft.


Their interim experience in food ranges from Finance, IT, Operations, Logistics, Health and Safety through to Engineering and Technical

Retail includes Ede and Ravenscroft the oldest tailor in London to various food companies.

For an indication of skills you can use the free search facility to gain an indication of skills and experience.

As an example using the search facility and the keywords:


as a keyword a 300 + members profiles can be viewed.


more than 350 interims profiles are listed with “Retail” as a core skill.Link to testimonials   

But there is no need to review these in depth.

We save your time by providing a quick matched short list against your specification.  

We operate a rapid, free, search and selection process to engage an interim manager.

To find out more about  how the INTERIMCONNECT Network can help or to talk through an interim management assignment call David Bryan, Director, confidentially on 44 (0)20 3858 7267 or please use the website contact form.


If you are an experienced interim and are interested in joining the network please follow this link.



Some Retail, FMCG Companies we have introduced interims to


      Ede and Ravenscroft