Interimconnect Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before using this site. Definition of terms used are shown in section 15.

In consideration for:

1) Interim managers having access to the Interimconnect network and

2) Assignment owners having the opportunity to contact interim managers

The following terms and conditions shall apply.

1. Use of the site.

As a user of this site you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions contained herein. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you should not use the site. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

2. Intellectual Property rights

The copyright and other intellectual property rights in all material on this site (including but not limited to, information, photographs and graphical images) are owned by Interimconnect Ltd. Permission is granted to copy electronically or print hard copy, those parts of the site for the sole purpose of information. Reproduction of any part of the site for use in any other web site or for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

3. Liability

We shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred to users of this site or to owners of web sites linked to this site. We have used reasonable care and skill in compiling the content on this site but make no warranty as to content accuracy or completeness and accept no liability for any errors or omissions.

We endeavour to have this site available 24 hours per day. It may, due to technical reasons, be necessary to suspend access to this site without notice at any time. We accept no liability for any consequences of this site being unavailable at any time.

4. Privacy Policy and Data Protection.

We do not share or sell any of your registration details with third parties and Interimconnect is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. As an interim manager if you apply for a network assignment and your experience is of interest to the hirer then your consent is sought before your contact details are disclosed to the hirer. In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR") please see the Interimconnect Privacy Policy here.

5. Alterations to terms and conditions

We reserve the right to alter any term and condition at any time. Revision of terms is notified to users by the revision date at the foot of these terms. Continued use of this site after alteration of terms as evidenced by the revision date will signify your acceptance to such alteration. Variation of terms in this context includes the right to vary charges made for services provided including the amount charged for registration.

6. Indemnity

Any user of this site agrees to indemnify Interimconnect for all damages and cost including reasonable legal costs arising from the users breach of these terms and conditions.

7. Links to websites of interim managers and information shown on Interim Managers

We hope you are able to benefit from the information provided in the links to web sites and details about interim managers. However the display of such links or details does not imply any endorsement on our part.

8. Engagement of Interim Managers

The purpose of this site is to allow assignment owners to connect with interim managers. Information provided on featured profile, interim pages, links and profiles is as provided by members. Through the contact service curriculum vitaes for members may be supplied. It is for the assignment holder to satisfy themselves of the fitness of members for their assignments. Assignment owners contract directly with the member. If you decide to offer an assignment interim to a member we strongly recommend you make the appropriate checks on the accuracy of the information supplied including references before engaging them on an assignment. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Interimconnect can accept no responsibility for any loss or damages or expenses of any kind including without, direct, indirect or consequential damages, as a result for any use made of information on this site or for information supplied through the contact service. This exclusion of liability shall not apply to damages arising through death or personal injury caused by negligence of Interimconnect or its employees or agents. Interimconnect operates as a network for interim managers. However due to the very wide definitions used in the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 and the 1973 Employment Agencies Act (the "Act") of what constitutes an employment business or an agency (including the just provision of information on assignments) means that insofar as facilitating network assignments, Interimconnect is defined as an employment agency under Section 13(2) of the 1973 Act.

9. Use of the site by Interim Agencies

We welcome the use of this site by Interim Agencies and other intermediaries.

10. Featured Profile, web pages and profiles

These are available for hire to interim managers wishing to advertise their services and display their contact details. We are able to offer this facility because the web page is in a pre-determined template form. Therefore certain conditions may apply to content outside of normal text. We reserve the right to alter or remove text or content without prior notice that in our sole opinion is unsuitable to be displayed on the site.

11. Associated services

From time to time Interimconnect displays and provides information about services considered useful to career interim managers such as Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) etc. Due to the restrictions on Financial Services Act Interimconnect cannot recommend any Insurers or offer any advice on this.  The information provided on the website and any downloads is not therefore to be construed as any recommendation by or on behalf of Interimconnect. .

12. Governing Law

Any dispute arising from these terms and conditions will be interpreted according to English Law.

13. Registration of Interim Managers

In keeping with our desire to maintain only a register of experienced Interim Managers we reserve the right to decline applications to join Interimconnect.

14. Payment and VAT

All web page rental and links charges are payable in advance. All other charges are payable 15 days from date of invoice. UK VAT at prevailing rates will be added to all invoices for UK supplies

15. Definition of terms

"Agency" means any Company or organisation whose main business is the placement of Interim Managers with Assignment Owners in exchange for fees.

"Assignment" means the scope of services for an Interim Manager to carry out.

"Assignment Owner" means any company or organisation that wishes to engage the services of an Interim Manager for an assignment.

"Company" is as defined in the Companies Acts 1985 and 1989 (as amended)

"Contact service" means using any the site contact forms, telephone , fax or e-mail communication.

"Data base" means the information stored on servers or other electronic equipment of members or Assignment owners.

"Hirer" means the company or organisation that would contract with the interim manager. "Interimconnect" means or web sites owned by Interimconnect Ltd. a company registered in the United Kingdom.

" Interim Manager" means an Interim Manager or Executive who provides services for assignments, charging fees on a daily basis.

" Links" means any hyperlink to any other web site. "Member" means an Interim Manager who has been accepted as a member of Interimconnect.

"Organisation" means any sole trader, partnership, or legal entity.

"Site" means the Interimconnect web sites.

" Registered details" means those details provided by the user in the registration process or subsequently.

"You" means the user.

"User" includes the following: 1) Any Interim Manager who has submitted an application for membership of Interimconnect. 2) Any Assignment Owner who has submitted an assignment to Interimconnect 3) Any organisation or Company which has not either submitted an application for membership of Interimconnect or who has submitted an assignment to Interimconnect but who has accessed the Interimconnect site.

"We","our" or "us" means Interimconnect Ltd

Revision date 22/5/2018