Benefits of being an Interimconnect member

The largest independent network of career interim managers in the UK

The largest network of senior interim managers in the UK with 1600 members, covering all disciplines and sectors. 

Absolutely focussed on generating assignments

Surveys of our members show that on average 60 - 70% % of interim assignments happen through networking.Latest survey.)

That shouldn’t be a surprise. Once a decision is made to take on an interim the first question in the Board Room is “ Who do we know?” If company's own network draws a blank, networking becomes fragmented and haphazard.

Interimconnect fills that gap by offering a fast, facilitated network service to find the right interim manager.

No subscriptions, no joining fee. Pay as you go

You can pay substantial up front fees to join networks and groups in exchange for assignment “leads” and promised assignments. We think it is better to pay on results and what you use.

As this is a network, we do not charge fees to “hirers” for engaging an Interimconnect member on an interim assignment.

Also there are no subscriptions or fees to be a member of Interimconnect. Only if you obtain an assignment directly brokered through the network you pay, from your limited company , a percentage of the fees earned, (between two days and 10% depending on the assignment) to cover network admin. and marketing costs. Of this percentage, part can passed down to the member who introduced the assignment.

Importantly this introduction becomes your Client.

As the network is only rewarded on success, this keeps the focus of the network firmly on making assignments happen. 

For some assignments there is no fee is payable to the network.

Facilitated networking meetings that also add to your skills  

The Interimconnect meetings are the “heart of the network”. The meetings are where you meet other members, forge new contacts that builds trust and confidence. This trust and confidence results in assignments opportunities being contributed by members.

Our events also provide practical advice on how to improve skills. 

Over 1900 interim managers have attended the regional meetings.

Interim agencies and other intermediaries use the network

The market in the UK for resourcing an Interim Manager for an assignment is surprisingly fragmented. 

Interimconnect is alsao asked by interim agencies and other intermediaries to help them fill gaps where they need to present a senior interim and have no one available from their own database. Being in Interimconnect therefore can give you access to a greater range of intermediaries. 

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