Interim Manager

An Interim Manager provides a professional flexible resource to bring about change and solve problems rapidly. These characteristics mean that the organisation can move forward faster than competitors and develop in a way that is optimised to the true business needs. Progress is not limited by the skills of the permanent team members, yet the Interim Manager is only retained as long as he or she is needed. 

10 ways an Interim manager can help a business:

- Interims are self-employed independents who work through Limited companies. Therefore, there is no permanent commitment and none of the usual employment issues apply when you hire their services

- They have significant experience of operating at Board or near Board level and if required can quickly bring about change

- An Interim can be on site and contributing within days

- Because of their seniority, Interims do not need to be supervised

- So that they can provide the maximum contribution rapidly, Interims are sensibly overqualified for their assignments

- Full time employees benefit by learning new skills and appreciate that their own careers can thus benefit from working alongside the Interim during the assignment

- Confidentiality is a key asset of an Interim as their continued success in gaining assignments depends on satisfied clients

- Interims can absorb large amounts of data, so as to be effective from day one

- The nature of their work makes Interims adaptable to different business sectors and company cultures

- Assignments can be conducted to meet individual company needs and can thus be on a weekly, monthly or even part-time basis 

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Interim General Manager

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