Interim Management Assignments

 Where the Interimconnect assignments come from


From Interim Members

Interimconnect was founded in 2002 as a resource of interim managers to others on assignment or their contacts.

Since then it has evolved into a network of 1600 who share unadvertised assignments. Members contact the network with an interim requirement and the first thing we do is to “critique” it to see whether it is appropriate for our group. If it is the assignment it is distributed to the group, in a confidential form, members who are a close fit apply. Everyone has a chance of applying.

Interimconnect can become part of your own network. We hope as you get to know the network, attend meetings and gain confidence that you will think of Interimconnect when the need arises.

Members introducing assignments to the network can receive a referral fee as a compensation for their time and trouble spent.

Making contacts at meetings

Our workshops and meetings are founded on facilitated networking that helps you forge new contacts within the membership. By helping other members find assignments, assignments will come to you. See members feedback from the meetings.

Through the website

Enquiries for interim managers also come directly through the website. Again these are distributed to all members.

Interim Agencies and other intermediaries

Intermediaries and consultancies also ask Interimconnect to help provide interim candidates. Head hunters and the like that come across the occasional interim assignment but have no database of candidates need to safeguard a client relationship. We are pleased to help and have helped Interim Agencies and other intermediaries this way.  

To register your interest in joining the network please e-mail



The best connections for interim assignments

 The best connections for interim assignments