Interim manager career?


Considering Interim Management as a career? If so it is vital to address the fundamental question.  Is this a real career change or merely a short term stepping stone to the next, full-time job?   

Putting it bluntly, success as an Interim relates heavily to a commitment to the former. Interim management is a definite and specific lifestyle that requires commitment, just like any other venture.

As any new opportunity, potential Interims often focus exclusively on the positives.   Elements such as the high daily fees and the freedom that comes with being self-employed are all very attractive.   But, they must be viewed in the context of the difficulties faced by most Interims, particularly in the first year. Use the questionnaire below to help clarify whether it is right for you.

Questionnaire on whether interim management is right for you.

To help to decide whether you should head down the interim path, consider the following questions:


  • Have you worked as senior line manager or Director?


  • Have you a background of progressive achievement with demonstrable experience in various companies?


  • Are you comfortable in business environments that change?


  • Do you prefer working on projects and achieving specific goals?


  • Do you have strong interpersonal skills and can you operate independently as well as part of a team?


  • Are you flexible to changing priorities on an assignment ? Are you prepared to work away from home?


  • Can you survive financially for the first 12 months without any income?


  • Are you sufficiently confident of your core skills as to be able to work unsupervised?


  • Can you cope with repeated rejection by clients who do not need your skills at that time?


  • Is interim a positive career move rather than a temporary one until the next full-time job?


  • Can you cope with the on-going uncertainty of being without a fixed income or stream of work?


  • Do you know anyone who could offer you an initial assignment?


  • Can you sell yourself to potential clients?


  • Are you aware of the foundations that must be put in place, such as forming your own, limited company, obtaining liability insurance, etc., etc.?


  • Have you researched the market and talked to some of the interim providers and other interim managers?


  • Do you know someone who can act as a mentor to help you through the first year or so?


If you can answer "yes" to all of the above questions, then Interim is the career for you!   However, as the number of "no's" increases, so does the risk that Interim may not be right for you at this time.

If you are still unsure, you could attend one of our network meetings to meet experienced IM's who are in the business. To request to attend a network meeting please use the contact form

Absolutely critical is to be certain that you can cope with the possible absence of an income in the first 6-12 months.

The above is not intended to deter anyone from an interim career, merely to help them see the whole picture.   Address these fundamental issues correctly and interim has much to offer.   View the move to interim as a new business venture and invest the time, money and effort that is necessary to give that new venture a professional start to life.

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