Interim Chief Executive for Odyssey Care - Feedback from Pat Perridge - Odyssey Care Trustee

"I have been an interim on the network for a good number of years, and have previously used InterimConnect  to supply managers in businesses I was responsible for.  

I naturally turned to them then, when, as a Trustee of a Charity going through change, we needed to appoint an interim chief executive (CEO) to lead the change process. 

My previous good relationship with the network was valuable, as it minimised the time spent in briefing and meant a good level of understanding between us was quickly established.  In only a few days, I was offered a shortlist of appropriately qualified executives who met our requirements and were interested in the role, all of whom had been seen by  InterimConnect  and came with a positive recommendation. 

More than one candidate was appointable, and one was highly appropriate, and negotiations were rapidly concluded, again due to  InterimConnect  having prepared the ground well. 

The appointment was made in the minimum time, with a well qualified candidate, at a substantial saving over mainstream interim suppliers.  

I would not hesitate to recommend the use of  InterimConnect  to others.  


Pat Perridge, Trustee, Odyssey Care"