What is Interimconnect?

A resource of experienced interim managers

INTERIMCONNECT is a resource, established in 2002, of skilled 1600 professional interim managers.

What makes the Interimconnect network different from a provider or agency?

  1. It is an “enabled network”. By that we mean it has an “embedded” personal, fast and selection process to quickly deliver the right interim manager to the “hirer” against a specification.
  2. Many of our members would be the very same interims that top providers would put forward. However we have many members who find their own assignments simply through their successful track record and reputation. Uniquely Interimconnect gives you access to both.
  3. Companies contract directly with the interim manager’s limited company so there is complete transparency in terms of what the interim is receiving.
  4. Best value: Being a network it provides a “no charge service” to companies who engage one of our members. Yet you still benefit of access to the most experienced interim managers.
  5. Members of the network cover the network running costs meaning that the saving of the “agency mark up” can be passed directly onto the “hirer”.
  6. It is the largest interim network in the UK with groupings covering every management function in both business and Public sectors. We have introduced interims to organisations as diverse as the NHS, Baxters Food Group and Brit Insurance. We cover the whole of the UK.

Best value

By offering such an exceptional service with a rigorous selection procedure and preliminary vetting Interimconnect offers the best connections and the best value to all concerned. All our interims operate through limited companies with PI Insurance.”

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To find the right Interim Manager for your specific needs call David Bryan on +44 (0)20 3858 7267 or please use the website contact form.

If you are an experienced interim and are interested in joining the network please follow this link.

Interimconnect is.....

  InInThe best connections for interim assignments



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